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2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals – International Opportunities

With all the international competition spots up for grabs, we've gotten a few questions about where the 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals can take you. To help you set your ...
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2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals – Qualified Athletes

Just a reminder: being a gateway competition to some of the biggest international opportunities that Australian athletes have ever seen, you need to have met our minimum qualifying standards at ...
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2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals – Events

The news you've all been waiting for - the events for the 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals! For the events with TBA weights, these will be honed prior to the ...
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2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals

The 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals will be held at the historic Mount Gravatt Showgrounds on the 21st of July, 2018. THE COMPETITION As well as being the pinnacle of ...
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Official Strongman Games

Since it's inception, the Australian Strongman Alliance has always existed for one main reason - to create a set pathway from novice all the way to the absolute pinnacle of ...
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The Ultimate Strongman Australian Masters Championships 2018

Congratulations to Eben Le Roux on becoming the inaugural Ultimate Strongman Australian Masters Champion for 2018. Eben will be heading over to the Ultimate Strongman Masters World Championships in late ...
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2018 ASA Nationals Qualifying Weights

The qualifying weights pass mark for athletes for the 2017 ASA Nationals was a success. For 2018 we have also expanded the events that athletes can use to qualify for ...
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Ultimate Strongman and the Australian Strongman Alliance

The Australian Strongman Alliance was very proud to be able to offer a lot of great opportunities for athletes to head overseas and compete at the top level internationally during ...
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ASA Strongman Nationals 2017 – Scores and Placings

62.5kgs SDDL Yoke Barrow Timber Stones Overhead TOTAL Harriet Walker 6 6 4 5 6 27 Kyla Dooley 4 4 6 6 5 25 Rebecca Hockley 4 5 3 4 ...
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ASA Nats 2017 – USP Labs Event Team!

This years ASA Nationals 2017 Event Support Team will be outfitted by USP Labs. The event support team is made up of the loaders and judges that will be setting ...
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