F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I join the ASA?

A: The Australian Strongman Alliance was formed to ensure the growth of Strongman as a sport in Australia. We believe athletes, gyms and promoters need to band together under one federation in order to elevate all competitors and the sport of Strongman, from the grass roots to international level, along with the awareness of the sport in the general public and media. This will be achieved through the introduction of sanctioned competitions at both state and national level, further building on the fantastic work already done by Australian promoters. This format will also allow for a standardised transparent pathway for athletes of all skill levels to advance, as well as offering opportunities and support for athletes who are representing our country internationally.

Q: What does my federation fee go towards?

A: All money from membership goes back into the sport - either through the promotion of bigger and better competitions, to supporting athletes travelling internationally to represent Australia and the ASA. No ASA committee member is able to profit from the growth of the ASA.