The ASA Team – Chad Croft – Board

The ASA Team - Chad Croft


Chad Croft with Robert Oberst at the Oberst Strongman Seminar in Singapore
Chad Croft with Robert Oberst at the Oberst Strongman Seminar in Singapore


Chad is an enthusiast of the sport of Strongman going back a couple of years now. First fell into the sport after finding a facebook post by Scott Jones to come and try out lifting some stones. 10 months later Chad invested in his first stones and strongman equipment which then became an integral part of the training equipment now used at Coco's Gym. Chad also runs the website and the matching facebook page, designed to help share the information on the sport of Strongman going on in Australia with everyone in Australia.

Chad has worked alongside Coco's Gym and Harris Stability Systems to bring in the Gold Coast Strongman Challenge and the Gold Coasts Strongest Man and helps out coaching the movements and implements at Coco's Gym on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Chad hopes to make strongman more accessible for everyone.



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