The Australian Strongman Alliance – supporting the strongman community in Australia.

The Australian Strongman Alliance – supporting the strongman community in Australia.

Strongman in Australia has been around in multiple forms for many years, from the early 1900’s in the form of showmanship by “The Pocket Atlas” Don Athaldo, to multiple-day competitions being run at state fitness exhibitions with tens of thousands of spectators

The sport itself has shown amazing growth in recent times with 9 different state based series on offer to help people enjoy their sport in a competitive atmosphere on a regular basis. NSW offers two series including the NSW Regional Strongman Series, Tasmania has the Tasmanias Strongest Man Series, South Australia has the Southern Strength Series, WA offers the Western Australia's Strongest Man series, Queensland has the Brisbane North Barbell Series and Queensland Strongman Series, Canberra with the Canberra Strongman Series and finally Victoria has the Victorian Strongman Grand Prix.

With interest and participation at a high it is important to support the athletes, gymnasiums and promoters to build on their efforts of bringing this sport to the public domain and ensuring the growth of the sport for the benefit of all athletes.

To do this, the Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) has been formed by enthusiasts, promoters and gym owners, both male and female from around Australia in the effort to offer guidelines, support, national and international opportunities and a central contact point to help athletes gain more from the sport of Strongman.

Over the coming weeks, more information will be released including the competitions being run under the Australian Strongman Alliance flag, as well as information on our limited foundation memberships.

For all enquires and information please head to the Facebook page until our website is up and running at
or email:

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