ASA Team – Drew Spriggs – Board

ASA Team - Drew Spriggs - Board

Drew Spriggs with a Yoke walk at a competition in 2013
Drew Spriggs with a Yoke walk at a competition in 2013

Drew's journey with strength sports started a few years ago after stepping into PTC Brisbane, one of the top powerlifting and strongman gyms in the country. After competing in his first strongman competition in early 2013, he was hooked and next won the novice division of QLD's Strongest Man in 2013. After a spate of unfortunate injuries sidetracked him from competing after the first round of the QLD Strongman Series in 2014, Drew stepped down and concentrated on his strongman and powerlifting coaching, forming Dreadnought Strength in early 2014. From there, he has gone on to write for Iron Addicts Australia as well as Starting Strongman, and also runs the online group training for the latter.
Not being content with just sitting back and coaching, Drew has also recently become a nationally-recognised powerlifting referee with GPC Australia and has officiated many strongman competitions, such as GC's Strongest Man, Brisbane Health and Fitness Expo's Strongest Man and the QLD Strongman Series. Further wanting to contribute to the strongman community in Australia, he and some of the most respected and also up and coming strongman competitors, gym owners and promoters across the country formed the Australian Strongman Alliance, Australia's first strongman federation, in order to further the sport in Australia and elevate all our competitors to an international stage.