ASA State Rep TAS – Greg Young/Chris ‘Bigdog’ Bellette

ASA State Rep TAS - Greg Young/Chris 'Bigdog' Bellette





Greg is the part owner of CrossFit Resonate in Tasmania. Greg is currently a state masters record holder in snatch, clean & jerk and total Olympic lifting in his weight category. Greg's goals are to get more people involved in the sport, and especially enjoys watching the intense rivalry between women in the current strongman series. Greg competed in the 2015 Australasia's Most Powerful Man and is looking forward to competing again next year.
Chris "Bigdog" Bellette is the director and head coach of Move Strong Gymnasium. Chris' athletic background is in rugby league, union and basketball. He is a Level 3 personal trainer, holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Movement Science, is a level 1 strength and conditioning coach RKC level 1 and HKC kettlebell instructor, CrossFit level 1 and holds a plethora of other certifications and educational credits. Chris discovered strongman through CrossFit and fell in love with the gritty mongrel nature of the sport.

Together, Greg has teamed up with Chris in forming Strongman Tasmania. Resonate was responsible for putting on the first strongman competition within Tasmania in 2014, and in 2015 Strongman Tasmania was responsible for putting together the first Strongman Series the state has seen.