Weight Class and Weigh-In Announcement

The Australian Strongman Alliance is proud to announce a standardised format for weight classes and weigh-ins, for all our sanctioned competitions in 2016. These have been chosen to best fit in with all international competition requirements for next year, as well as best spread competition given the current numbers for Australian competitors. Here is a link to the United States Strongman weight classes, as well as a link to the North American Strongman weight classes.

Mens Weight Classes and Sub-Classes
*Lightweight: under 80kg
*Middleweight: u/90kg, u/105kg
*Heavyweight: over 105kg

Womens Weight Classes and Sub-Classes
*Lightweight: u/62.5kg
*Middleweight: u/72.5kg, u/82.5kg
*Heavyweight: o/82.5kg

The ASA also has plans to open up additional weight classes, to further encourage development of the sport and these smaller divisions. Although these aren't the typical weight classes you will find in current competitions, given the growth of the sport that we will see over the next few years they can be included when needed, and will be on offer at Amateur Nationals.

Additional Mens Sub-Classes
Lightweight: u/70kg
Heavyweight: u/125kg, o/125kg

Additional Womens Weight Classes
Lightweight: u/55kg
Heavyweight: u/90kg, /o90kg

Weigh In
*can be at a remote location, provided sufficient evidence (current newspaper, video, etc) is supplied - pending state representative's decision.

Note: with individual competition entrants taken into consideration, the promoters have the option of running competitions split with light/middle/heavyweight divisions, or offering any combination of the above classes and sub-classes (including additional classes). For example, a competition could consist of lightweight men (up to 80kg), u/90kg, u/105kg and also heavyweight divisions, or it could just consist of light (up to 80kg), medium (up to 105kg) and heavy (over 105kg) divisions; this entirely depends on competitor numbers. Amateur Nationals 2016 will be running all weight classes providing there are a minimum number of competitors in each class.