ASA Announcement – Static Monsters 2

With Static Monsters just wrapping up on the Gold Coast, the ASA is excited to announce the expansion of Static Monsters in 2016 with Static Monsters 2. This competition will be rolling out nationally with simultaneous competitions happening in all Australian States, as well internationally into the Pacific with New Zealand, Singapore, the USA and others coming on board.. As these competitions will be run with standardised rules and equipment, an international winner will be able to be determined as well as rankings across the region. To the best of ASA's knowledge, this will be the first time this has ever been attempted worldwide, and the entire ASA team are hoping it will set the bar very high for international competitions in the future!


Coming back to todays competition, we saw some incredible lifting across all divisions at the fantastic Quality Hotel, Mermaid Waters. Without going into the full breakdown of scores,
*Alana Curnow won the womens division with a 77.5kg log press and 220kg deadlift for a 297.5kg total
*We saw a great battle in the sub80kg mens division, with only 2.5kg separating first and second place - Guy Caletti took out the day with a 90kg log press and a whopping 280kg deadlift for a 370kg total.
*Andrew 'Peanut' Stuart won the sub90 mens division with a 120kg log and 310kg deadlift, for a 430kg total
*In the 105's, Yan Muehlheim won with a solid 110kg log and 320kg deadlift, for a 430kg total
*In the opens, there was a ferocious between Australia's Strongest Man Eben Le Roux, and Australia's 'Strongest Honourary Man' Colm Woulfe (hailing from NZ), but at the end of the day Colm Woulfe came out victorious with a 160kg log press and a 400kg deadlift, for a 560kg total.

You can watch the entire Static Monsters Live Stream above

Cash prizes for the day saw Keya Woodland take out the Coco's Gym cash prize for the biggest log press by a female with 87.5kg, and Colm Woulfe take out the mens with 160kg. They both won $300 for their efforts. With the jackpot round of the Harris Stability Systems Deadlift Challenge occurring today, there was big money up for grabs - starting with the women, Alana won the $440 for her phenomenal 220kg effort and for the first time anybody had ever successfully won the challenge, and Colm AND Eben both successfully pulled 400kg. As Eben was lighter, he took away the $800 prize money with Colm taking away $400 too.

A massive thanks go out to the sponsors of this event:
*Harris Stability Systems
*Nutrition Warehouse Ashmore?
*Quality Hotel, Mermaid Waters
*The Sox Box