ASA – Events Calendar

ASA - Events Calendar


The Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) Events Calendar has had its first update. To make it easy for you to figure out which competitions will be available for you within Australia and within each state the events have been put into groups. In the below picture you can see a screenshot of If you click on the top menu that says "ASA Australia Events," it gives you a drop down menu to select your events by state.


ASA Events Calendar


If you just click on the "ASA Australia Events," the page that opens up, gives you the listing of all ASA events in Australia in the coming year, broken up by each month. If you select your state, for instance, "VIC Strongman Events," it will open up with a listing of all events being held in Victoria under the Australian Strongman Alliance.


More events are due very shortly from Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales. Please follow the website and facebook page for the Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) to keep up to date with all our updates.