ASA Membership Information

The goal of the Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) is to grow the sport of strongman around the country by providing greater access to the sport from the grassroots to the top levels. Having an ASA Membership brings with it some unique benefits and opportunities for competitors.

As of 2016, as a member you will receive access to enter sanctioned ASA events held within Australia. The ASA is the only federation that offer standardised weight classes and divisions that will match up with the rest of the world. A list of state representatives is available here, and a frequently updated competition calendar is available here. For 2016, membership won't be compulsory to enter sanctioned events, however a $10 temporary membership fee will be charged for state-level events and a $20 temporary membership fee for national-level events such as Static Monsters 2 and ASA Nationals 2016.

As a competing member you will have access to compete in the ASA Nationals held each year. In 2016, this competition will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland. As of 2017, only those that compete in ASA sanctioned events as an ASA member in that year leading up to the event will be allowed to compete. The ASA Nationals will be offered as a yearly event and will operate in a different major capital or regional city each year, helping to offer access to a national level event for competitors all around Australia.

All ASA members will be able to enter Static Monsters 2 without a temporary membership fee of $20 on November 27th 2016 . This strongman push-pull style event will be run in multiple countries simultaneously with standardised rules and equipment, allowing national and international winners to be determined, as well as your worldwide rankings. There are currently simultaneous competitions planned in Singapore, the USA, New Zealand (North and South Island), as well as the majority of Australian states, with more locations and guest lifters to be announced in the coming months leading up to this world-first competition.

The ASA understands that strongman, like all strength sports, is an expensive venture for individuals to compete in - which is why any profit from membership fee's will go straight back into the sport. All of the directors and committee members are donating their time to run the federation and cannot be paid for their efforts. Part of the profits will go towards helping the top athletes in the federation to get to their respective national and international competitions, with further details of international competitions being released as the year goes on. The first international competition being available for ASA competitors is the Asia-Pacific Strongman Championships in October 2016. First place getters in each division at the ASA Nationals will qualify for this event, and have a bursary available to help with travel and competition fees. Along with this, some of the fee's will also go towards having equipment available in all of the major cities and regional centres so that when the national titles moves to this region, competitors will have a varied selection of quality equipment to train and compete with.

Membership Fee Structure

  • First Year Membership: $80.00 for 12 months
  • Membership Renewal: $60 for 12 months
  • Foundation Membership (Limited to 20): $150 for 5 years (saving $170 over the 5 years).

Benefits of being a Member of the Australian Strongman Alliance:

  • Discounted entry to ASA Sanctioned Events around Australia for the 2016 calendar year (avoiding a $10 fee per state-level event, and $20 fee for National level events)
  • Membership is required for 2017 and future for all ASA Sanctioned Events
  • Top place-getters of ASA Nationals qualify to compete in the Asia-Pacific Strongman Championships in Singapore, with discounted accommodation as well as a small bursary available to those that compete.