ASA Nationals 2016 – 5th Event

To those outside of the sport of Strongman, is the image of a man holding an oversize dumbbell, the most synonymous image of those that participate in the sport of Strongman? Feats of strength with the raising of dumbbells and similar items like the Rigoulot bar or the Apollons Axle go back a long way. Louis Cyr, possibly the most famous and in modern strongman the Cyr Dumbbell as a part of the Arnolds has become a strongman implement of beauty that is also not easily conquered.


For the ASA Nationals 2016 by Tangalooma Island Resort we will be having matching Dumbbells for both women's and men's classes. The event will be atimed for 60 seconds and competitors will be head to head with other competitors. Pictured is the Dumbbell that will be used for the Mens classes, we will have a matching pair for the Nationals.