Coco’s Gym – ASA Nats 2016 Sponsor


Coco's Gym, the home of Strongman sports on the Gold Coast. Well known in recent times for its production of athletes producing very large overhead pressers in both training and competition, a few listed below:



  • Shane Riley - 90kg monster Dumbbell at only 96kgs bodyweight
  • Keya Woodland - 89kg log lift, outright womens log lift record holder
  • Leigh Shaw - 136kg log lift at 91kgs
  • Coco - 155kg loglift in training only a few weeks ago as a 105kg competitor.

On top of that the gym has an amazing supply of unique strongman equipment, a lot of which you won't find elsewhere in queensland. Atlas stones from 44kgs up to 205kgs, 4 logs from 30kgs up to 80kgs, kegs, circus dumbbells, viking press machine (with squat and conans setups) and much more.


We are lucky enough to have Coco's Gym offer us to use their equipment and weights for the upcoming Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals on August 6th at the RACv Royal Pines Resort.


2/6 Strathaird Road Bundall, Qld, 4217