Loaded Lifting – ASA Nationals 2016 Sponsor

Loaded Lifting - Sponsor Australian Strongman Alliance Strongman Nationals 2016

Loaded Lifting is run by strength athletes, for strength athletes. Loaded Lifting provide you with the very best gear and equipment possible to help you achieve your goals and hit those PRs. Whether you are competing on the platform, pulling trucks, getting up on stage or staring down your latest WOD, your performance is only as good as your training. As official Inzer Advance Design Distributors, we cater for athletes of every caliber, age and experience.

Loaded lifting has come on board with a huge prize pool valued at over $2200. Twenty six prizes over $80 each, 1 each for first, second and third in each division, plus a prize for best masters mens and womens competitor outright.

If you are lucky enough to win these prizes you will take home:


  • Loaded Lifting Ammonia Inhalant - http://loadedlifting.com.au/p/9095793/loaded-ammonia-inhalant.html
  • Loaded Lifting Axle Pulling Straps - http://loadedlifting.com.au/p/9049383/axle-deadlift-straps.html
  • Loaded Lifting Lock Wrist Wraps 2.0 - http://loadedlifting.com.au/p/8920073/regular-pulling-straps.html

(Check out each of the products with the provided links)

To make things easy for you to place orders and look for the right gear for your strongman competitions and training, they have a strongman specific section on their website!


Check out loadedlifting.com.au when you have a chance and good luck in placing on the podium to take home these great prizes!