ASA Nats 2016 – Event Rules

Wheelbarrow Load and Carry

  • The event will be held over a distance of 50 metres in a single direction.
  • The competitor is to collect 4 kegs, set at 10 metre intervals, along the course, in order and load them into the wheelbarrow.
  • Competitor can start with their hands on the Wheelbarrow
  • Competitor can pick up and drop the wheelbarrow as many times as necessary
  • Competitor will have a total of 60 seconds to complete the event.
  • If the wheelbarrow is pushed along the ground (ie: the feet are in contact with the ground while the wheelbarrow is moving forward) the competitor will recieve a 5 seconds penalty for every metre covered while doing this, assuming they finish the course. If they do not finish the course, they will recieve a 5 metre distance penalty taken from their final finishing distance.
  • The competitor cannot cross into the alternate lane from what they have been designated. This would be deemed as interfereing with the second competitor. If they run into the second competitor, the second competitor will be allowed a re run at the end of their class round. The person that crossed the lane will also receive a 15 second penalty or a 15 metre penalty depending on the outcome of their finish or max distance acheived.
  • To win the event, you have to collect all four kegs in order, load them into the barrow and cross the finish line entirely (which includes both competitors feet) in the shortest time possible.

Monster Dumbbell

  • 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible
  • A full repetition is the dumbbell touching the ground, being moved to the shoulder, pressed with one hand only, to lockout and then returned to touch the ground.
  • Competitor to start with their hands on the dumbbell but the dumbbell must not leave the ground in any way.
  • competitor can move the dumbbell any way they choose to their shoulder.
  • the press must be initiated and completed in its entirety with one hand only.
  • Once the referee/Judge calls "good lift" the competitor may then touch the dumbbell with a second hand if necessary to aid in controlling the dumbbell to the ground.
  • After a successful lift, the dumbbell must be controlled to the ground or the previous "good lift" call will become null and void.
  • If a final lockout is acheived just before 60 seconds time up is called, the dumbbell must still be controlled to the ground or the rep will be made null and void even though the timer has finished
  • The winner will be the one that completes the most repetitions of successful lifts in the alloted 60 seconds.

Keg Toss

  • 8 kegs to be thrown over the set bar height for your class in under 60 seconds.
  • Competitor to start at set starting point, run to the kegs and throw the kegs over as they see fit
  • Kegs can only cross over the bar from the side they are set up on. A missed keg throw must see the competitor returning the keg to the original side of the bar to attempt the throw again.
  • A keg must cross the bar for it to be concidered a successful throw
  • Competitor must throw all 8 kegs across the bar in the time alloted. The winner will be the person that has all 8 kegs across the bar in the shortest possible time.
  • As soon as a keg crosses the bar, the time is taken. The keg does not have to hit the ground for the timer to be stopped.

Log Press - Max

Deadlift - Knockout