Qualifying for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals 2017


Qualifying for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals 2017

ASA Nationals 2017 - Gold Coast, July 1/2nd. Hosted by Strongman Gold Coast.

For 2017 the Australian Strongman Alliance will implement a standardisation for competitors to qualify for the national titles based on weights lifted/carried. This is a step up from our first year of competition where anyone that competes in an ASA Sanctioned event will qualify.

With the National titles being the highest level of competition the ASA will hold in Australia the weights at this particular event will be significant and competitors should be able to train for them as well as be able to compete with them.

For 2017 we have set weights for 5 major lifts that are regularly experienced in a Strongman competition that will be at National level. To then qualify for nationals, competitors need to be able to show competence in using the event implements at these weights. For 2017, the competency level is based on 75% of the National level standard weights.

Qualification events and their dates for each state will be posted in the coming months. To qualify, you only need to complete 1 rep/1 metre with the listed weights (Atlas Stones, the load height is 1.2 metres) for 3 out of the 5 events. The reason it is 3 events, to keep variety in the strongman competitions. So your qualifying event will have at least 3 of these events with the 75% levels available to be lifted/carried/loaded.

Qualifying Weights
Event Yoke Deadlift Log Farmers Atlas Stone
u62.5 142.5 112.5 45 52.5 60
u72.5 165 127.5 50 60 70
u82.5 187.5 142.5 55 67.5 82.5
Open W 210 157.5 62.5 75 97.5
u80 225 210 82.5 90 120
u90 247.5 227.5 97.5 97.5 127.5
u105 277.5 247.5 112.5 110 135
Open M 315 285 127.5 120 150

In future years we will look at raising the National Level Weights as well as increasing the percentages required to qualify. This will happen as fields get bigger and the sport grows. The national level weights are a standard to aim for - these are not weights which will be used in the 2017 Nationals.

National Level Weights
Event Yoke Deadlift Log Farmers Atlas Stone
u62.5 190 150 65 70 80
u72.5 220 170 72.5 80 95
u82.5 250 190 82.5 90 110
Open W 280 210 90 100 130
u80 300 280 110 120 160
u90 330 305 130 130 170
u105 370 330 150 145 180
Open M 420 380 170 160 200


Note: Winners of each class from the previous Nationals will be able to compete without qualifying. (They will still have to be a member and sign up to the Alliance)

Thank you for your support in the 2016 competition year. We had a great time pulling together competitions and events for you and look forward to growing the sport along with you in 2017 and beyond.


The ASA Team
Bec, Matt, Drew, Chad, Andrew, Carl and Scott