International Competitors at the ASA Nationals 2017

With the growth of the Australian Strongman Alliance and its affiliations around the world, there is more and more interest from International Athletes to compete in ASA competitions.

With this interest brings bigger and stronger competitor fields for our athletes to work with, enabling them to target greater weights and pushing them to be better competitors. This can only benefit Australia and our international neighbors in the long term for the development of our sport.

To support this interest we will, for the 2017 ASA Nationals allow international athletes, willing to make the trek all the way to Australia, to compete against our best athletes. They will have to become a member for the event ($30) and still have to pay the competition entry fees. They will not have to qualify through an Australian based event.

As we continued to grow our international affiliations we hope to increase the competitor entry requirements as well as offer internationally based qualification competitions.

Thank you again for your support. See you all on the Gold Coast for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals on the first weekend of July 2017.

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