Mens 80kgs going to World Champs

As a part of the Australian Strongman Alliance's goals to grow the sport we have branched out with more international opportunities for you. With lightweight mens events growing at a rapid pace it is obvious that more opportunites would arise for them. With this in mind we have been lucky enough to be awarded 3 places for men to compete at the 82.5kg Mens World Championships.

With thanks to United States Strongman the top three placed men from the u80kg mens weight class at the upcoming ASA Nationals will now have the opportunity to head to the USA in September to compete for a World Championship Belt! Is this the first time a championship belt has been offered to a lightweight strongman world champion?

This special bonus for our Under 80kg mens already adds to the places for the top two men in 90's and 105's to go to the Strongman Champions League World Championships in September as well as the USS Pro Womens Worlds for all womens classes in October.

ASA Nationals has also now been scheduled for the first weekend of July (1st, 2nd) and is also now back on the Gold Coast. So please set the dates.


Want to qualify for the ASA Nationals? You will need to be a member (Sign up here: There are also still many opportunites to qualify in events, please check the below: