Eben’s Return – ASA Nationals 2017

Many of you are probably well aware of Australian Strongman Competitor Eben Le Roux. Eben has been in the sport for longer than just about anyone in the country and along the way has achieved more than most. Late last year in his 3rd time competing at the Worlds Strongest Man, Eben suffered a bicep tear in the keg toss competition. This took him out in what would have been his best showing at the event to date. In 2016 he had already had an amazing year, finishing 4th in the Arnolds Australia and setting a new Australian outright deadlift record at 410kgs. He then went on to hit 420kgs in the Arnolds South Africa, which no other competitor has come close to.


Eben is healing up well from his Bicep injury and has been training hard hitting some solid yoke and farmers carries. At the ASA Nationals we will see Eben making his return to demonstrations in the sport before his return to competition next year. Eben will come along to attempt the Silver Dollar Deadlift on the day, the very same implement and event that is being used during the ASA Nationals for 2017. Eben is a champ and will be available to talk, ask about lifting and training and have photo's with too.


Cheers Eben, glad to have you in our sport and looking forward to seeing you return to the sport on July 2nd at the RACV Royal Pines Resort.